How do I set, if my group is able to see my location all time?

With the three different location modes FAMILO lets you decide how much your group knows. You set the location mode for each group individually. The options are: Visible, Places only and Invisble.

1. Visible: Your group members are able to check your location at the family map at any time. Please note that this can lead to high battery consumption.
2. Places only: Group members can see your location when you arrive at or leave family places. Also when clicking on “Share my location” or “Call for help”.
3. Invisible: Your family members are not able to know your location. „Share my location” or „Call for help” must be tapped, if you want them to know your current location.
These settings can be changed through “My location mode” in the navigationmenu (left top corner).

Android (e.g. Samsung, HTC, Sony): You change the location mode in the menu (top left corner) at "My location mode".

iOS (iPhone): You change the location mode in the menu (top left corner) by tapping at the group's name.

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