One possible reason for less notifications can be the 'Samsung Smart Manager' or the 'Android Battery Optimization'. In this post you will learn how to remove Familonet from such programs in order to get all notifications again.

However, if you're not getting alerts from Familonet, or you want to see them more frequently, you'll need to add the app to the Doze whitelist. Here's how:

Head to Settings > Battery, then open the overflow menu in the top right corner and choose Battery optimization.

Toggle Not optimized to All apps. Find Familonet and tap it and then choose Don't optimize. Tab done and you will receive all notifications again


If you use a Samsung smartphone and have the Samsung Smart Manager installed, you also need to disable Familonet for optimization in the smart manager. Open the Samsung Smart Manager. Click on Battery and choose App optimization. Now you see a list with installed apps. Find Familonet and click on it. Now you only need to click on Turned off and you will get all Familonet notifications again